Think like David, not Goliath.

Di Leo Danilo

Looking to expand your business horizons by creating an engaging brand that reflects the essence of your business?

I’m Danilo and I’ve always been passionate about graphic design, making business ideals become a reality. My goal is to help non-profits, companies and professionals improve their brand graphically and be successful in their specific market.

“Think like David, not Goliath” refers to the method I utilize as an artist, which includes I thinking in an alternative way, similar to David, who guided by God, did not try to beat Goliath with the use of force like everyone else, thinking of a different solution which led him to victory. True brand identity comes down to using the elements of your business in a abstract and engaging way to attract customers and business.

How I can help you:

▸ Brand Identity
▸ Print and Web Design
▸ Video production



Do you need to improve your brand graphically?

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“I asked Danilo to design a set of bespoke motivational sayings for social media platforms. Danilo showed his versatility as a designer: using strong typography, hand drawn illustrations, and a striking colour palette. I am delighted with the 12 unique posts that Danilo designed – I highly recommend him.”

WEC Uk and Ireland
Chris Lawrence Media & Communications team leader

“Danilo was asked to come up with a new identity for a missions training course. Danilo imaginatively produced a contemporary new look that works across both print and digital platforms.”

Mission and Me
Mission & Me WEC UK and Ireland

“Well done Danilo, the work you did was the result of ideas and personality mixed together, style and elegance.”

Luca Stafissi
Luca Stafissi Luca Stafissi

“Danilo did a very professional job in giving logo a contemporary look. He also produced a wonderful set of professional graphics as illustrations for the textbook I had written. I would thoroughly recommend his work.”

Francis Gray The Gray Matrix